Our Contribution to Society

Child Sponsorship

Still fresh in our minds is the Great East Japan Earthquake. We have learned the importance of supporting each other.
We also learned that, in countries that we are not familiar with, there are children out there who are unable to help or support themselves due to poverty, conflict, hunger, or disasters.
Sharing with World Vision Japan, an NGO, the idea behind their activity “We should be able to do “Something’!”, we Sincere Co. Ltd are participating in the Child Sponsorship programme.

What is Child Sponsorship Programme?

The current state of the children in the world

At the moment, 75 million children around the world cannot go to school.
Every year, 9.2 million children under five years old die of diseases that are preventable.
As many as 15 million children lose their parents because of AIDS.
Child Sponsorship supports the transformational development which helps regions to overcome the deeply rooted poverty problem while communicating with the children, so that the children’s well-being can be improved, education becomes available to them, and so that the regions can help themselves in the end.
With one bottle worth of water, 150 yen a day, 4500 yen a month per child, programmes in education, health, water resource development, economic development, agriculture, etc will be able to continue, in turn we can change the harsh conditions in those regions, and we can change the lives of the children.
We Sincere Co., Ltd participates in the supporting programme aiming to help the children fight against local poverty through Wolrd Vision Japan’s Children Sponsorship programme. We will continue to help to deliver hope and change to 3.64 million children in the world.

Regions and Children that Sincere is supporting

Seven countries and 27 children

Employees from Sincere are communicating on a one-to-one basis with 27 children who live in India, Cambodia, Thailand, Nepal, Vietnam, Philippines, Myanmar.