Product Information

Flora M

Flora M
Conventional Monthly Disposable Soft Contact Lens (3 pcs/box)


Type: Conventional Type/Daily Wear
Brand Name: I-Lax Innova Color Maker
Product Name: FloraM
Packaging: 3 pcs/box
Marketing Approval Number: 21400BZG00020A01
Manufacturing Process: Spin casting
Base Curve: 8.70mm
Power Range: ±0.00, -0.50 ~ -6.00 (0.25 steps)
Power Range: -6.00 ~ -10.00 (0.50 steps)
Diameter: 14.0mm
Center Thickness (at -3.00D): 0.09mm
Water Content: 38.5% Dk Value: 8.6 Dk/L Value: 9.56
Material: HEMA/EGDMA
Colorant: Azo dyes/Quinoline dyes/Triphenylmethane dyes
Main Component of Solution: Sodium chloride
Features of FloraM

Features of FloraM

Circle design means your vision is not blocked in any way.
There are spare lenses so you don’t have to worry even if you lose one.
Low water content that keeps your eyes moist.
Non-ionic lens that keeps dirt away.
Shape-retaining material that is not easily collapsed.

Non-ionic lens

So it is hard for dirt to come near.

Since the ionic soft contact lens carries negative ions, it attracts dirt which usually carries positive ions.
FloraM is a non-ionic lens, so compared with ionic lens, dirt is not attached easily. Also pollen does not adhere easily so non-ionic lenses are recommended to people who suffer from hay fever.

Low water content (38.5%)

So you will be less likely to get dry eyes.

If the soft contact lens contains a substantial amount of water, it will cause high evaporation, and you will get dry eyes when your tears are used to make up for any loss of moisture.
FloraM is a low water content (38.5%) lens, helping you to avoid dry eyes and keep moderate moisture. You will feel comfortable wearing for a long period of time.