Privacy policy

Sincere, Inc. (called the following "our company") thinks that it is that protection of the acquired personal information achieves the social duty as a company while he recognizes the importance about the personal information acquired in active conduct of business and observes the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" and other statutes. I will describe handling of the personal information of our company below.

  1. Purpose of Use
    We use it within the following use purpose about the personal information. When we use it other than the following purpose, the person gives an agreement to me after a notice.
    *Offer of information, the service about our duties, market trend analysis *Selection, answer about the adoption, personnel affairs, employment management *When it is admitted that it relates to duties associated with the above, and it is necessary reasonably *When it is based on laws and ordinances
  2. Third party
    The personal information discloses it to a third party in any case. Unless it is called based on laws and ordinances, and there cannot be the thing contributing it.
  3. The joint use
    We use the personal information that they are and put it and acquired to fix for a privacy policy in Sincere Co., Ltd. and our company concerned jointly. In addition, in the joint use, we shall take all responsibility about the handling of the personal information concerned.
  4. safety measures
    Personal information managed safety measures appropriately so that unjust access and a leak of the information, loss, and manipulation cannot occur.
  5. Disclosure request
    About the disclosure of the personal information, we cope only for the thing by the person. To the following inquiry acceptance, please.
  6. Correction of the personal information, deletion
    About correction of the personal information and the deletion, by the request from the person that confirmed contents, if the contents which we hold are different from a fact, we take the correspondence of a correction or the deletion
  7. Change of the privacy policy
    We correct a privacy policy more to improve the contents by need and we change it or delete it. We place it about the contents at any time on a homepage.
  8. Reference
    Our privacy policy supports at the following windows.
    30-1, Nihonbashihakozakicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
    Tama building 10, Hakozaki, Nihonbashi floor
    Sincere Co., Ltd.
    Phone number 0120-354-078