Our Approach to Quality and Safety

We organize seminars

We hold Sincere seminar for our customers those who are relevant to sale our products, especially Colored Contact lenses since 2011 in Tokyo and Osaka.
We believe that it is important role for us to not only deliver our security and safety products for customers, but also try to prevent customers using incorrectly. Especially, we need to implement the enlightenment activity with marketing distributor for young users of Color Contact lenses.
As we believe that it is also important that trading partner should sale our products under the compliance, we hold the Seminar divided into two parts.

Sincere Seminar

Sincere Seminar (Sep.2012 Tokyo)

Sincere Seminar

Sincere Seminar (Sep.2012 Osaka)

Part I Basic knowledge of Contact Lenses
  • The structure and movement of eye (Function of eyeball and types of ametropias)
  • The Relation between Contact Lenses and lacrimal fluid, cornea
  • Contact Lenses and eye drops.
  • Design and production method of Soft contact lenses
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Contact Lenses
  • Importance for Contact Lenses care
  • About Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare notification
  • Eye problems caused by contact lenses
  • Q&A
Part II Treatment and sales caution of Color contact lenses
  • Advertisement of High-tech medical device (Concrete Examples and Notes)
  • Release and Explanation of Sincere Safety information No.4
  • Conditions of society surroundings Color Contact Lenses (In Learned society of Japanese CL)
  • Q&A