Our Company


We Sincere are a contact lens manufacturer.
We have the responsibility to manage specially controlled medical devices.
This is especially why we think we should never make excuses, and we always have to be strict with ourselves, and be sincere to all our customers.

One out of ten people is a contact lens wearer.
Contact lens has already become a necessity of life.
Until now, the main points of purchase have been medical institutions and specialty stores.
But we want to provide contact lenses at a reasonable price, at convenient points, to a wide variety of customers who all have different living styles.
With this idea, we work on developing new sales channels, for instance, online shops and drug stores.
We also take safety seriously, by conducting strict quality check and implementing double, triple safety measures.

Sincere to the eye.

We will continue to take on the challenge of the future of contact lenses. Earnestly and sincerely.